Save yourself from these 5 Wrong Numbers(PK Style)  in Indian Real Estate Sector!

Getting inspiration from Aamir Khan in PK movie, we present to our viewers the 5 wrong numbers in Indian Real Estate to watch out for while making a property purchase decision. We hear innocent people getting trapped into buying a wrong property and making losses. Here are 5 such instances you need to be aware of as a buyer:

1.Sir/Mam: Inventory ki shortage he..kal tak yeh jo aaj main apko offer kar rha hu who bhi bik jaega..aaj hi book karlo…yeh park facing ka 1 hi unit bacha he/2nd floor pe ek hi unit bacha he , uske baad sidha 19th floor pe available he.. E Wrong Number Hai, Kono Tumri Firki Le Raha Hai!

Checks to adopt: Wait for next 2 days and you will be surprised to know that the same inventories(or even more) are available(99% of the time)! This is just a pressure tactic to get you in the trap. Take your time before making any decision.

2.Sir/Mam:aap itna sochoge toh kabhi property nahi le paenge..aap invest kijie..return lana mera kaam he..aap se long term relation bhi to rakhna he..nahi to aap humse next flat nahi kharidenge.. E Wrong Number Hai, Kono Tumri Firki Le Raha Hai!

Checks to adopt:Do a thorough scrutiny of each and every aspect before buying one of the major asset in your life!

3.Sir/Mam:aap mujhe cheque de dijie..i will go to the builder office and confirm you the inventory before logging in the cheque..agar apka mann nhi mana toh cancel kardena.. E Wrong Number Hai, Kono Tumri Firki Le Raha Hai!

Checks to adopt:Don’t give a cheque under pressure from the broker. There are many instances where cheques were logged in for the inventories which people never wanted to buy.

4.Sir/Mam:dusri company ke comparision mai hum apko discount islie kam de pa rahe he kyonki hume baad mai achi service bhi deni he..developer se koi bhi problem aegi toh hum bethe hein na.. E Wrong Number Hai, Kono Tumri Firki Le Raha Hai!

Checks to adopt-Call the customer care of the company as a customer who has already bought a will get to know the treatment customers get and decide for yourself..Moreover, there is hardly any service after booking of the flat for which you have to compromise on the discount..These days, you can even pay your installments to the developer through online mode(RTGS/NEFT). In case the projects get into trouble, the broker is anyways not going to help you since he has already taken the commission from the developer for the flat booked by you.

5.Sir/Mam: apko hum discount credit note ke through denge, booking ke 2 -3 mahine baad..or ab toh PMAY(Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana ke andar apko credit bhi dilwaenge) E Wrong Number Hai, Kono Tumri Firki Le Raha Hai!

Checks to adopt- Majority of the credit notes offered by the broker goes dishonoured. So whatever discount you want to avail, get it at the time of booking rather than at a later date. Builders and Consultancies are using the name of PMAY scheme just to impress common people that they are selling flats under some govt. scheme which is not the case.

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  • Very well said.All brokers are looting customers using these tactics.

  • Very true!!!

    I got a call last month from a person. The person calling said ” Hum Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana Delhi se bol rahe he or hum apko is yojana ke tehat ek flat muhim kara sakte he..kya aap interested hain?”
    I went to the address mentioned and later got to know that it was from Investors Clinic Noida.

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