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Features of Apple Iphone 7 Plus available at


The new iPhone 7 plus black variant has a nice aluminum body with matte finish. the iPhone 7 plus is also now waterproof with IP67 rating. the 12mp 28mm f1.8 wide angle lens with optical image stabilization and the 12mp 56mm f2.8 telephoto lens, rear camera with the led flash are present on the back, the power button with the I’m tray are present on the right side, the volume rockers and the profile button are located on the left side, on the front we have the 7mp f2.2 camera, ear piece, sensors and the 5.5 inch 1920x1080p-pixel resolution at 401 ppi display and the home button are present, now the home button is not really a button, it has what apple calls the taptic engine which gives a haptic feedback and simulated a real button, but doesn’t really feels like a button, you can select the type of haptic feedback you like form three options. the home button also has the fingerprint scanner or touch id, its a nice quick and accurate scanner. the 5.5 inch display great too. with great viewing angles, vibrancy, and color reproduction. the colors looks natural and with nice saturation and contrast. expected nothing less from apple on this. now the biggest down side of this phone is the removal of the headphone, apple says that the lightning connector works great as an audio source for headphones, apple did provide a small lightning to 3.5mm adapter which is something you also need to carry around if you want to listen from your normal headphones or you have to switch to Bluetooth audio.

The biggest selling point of the new iPhone 7 plus are the dual camera, one camera is a 12mp 28mm f1.8 wide angle lens and the other lens is the 12mp 56mm f2.8 telephoto zoom lens, when using the camera app you can change between the wide angle and the telephoto zoom anytime you want with press of a single button, it instantly changes between the camera without any camera lag and processering. the wide angle lens has nice wide frame and the zoom lens just multiply the focal length without any image quality loss, you can extend the focal range up to 10 times with electronic zoom but it will mess with the picture quality. The images are very detailed with great color reproduction, contrast level. the images are vibrant with good amount of saturation and sharpness. the 12mp camera now also have optical image stabilization so the video are nice and stabilized as the iPhone 6s it also shoots in 4k, the front facing 7mp camera has been improved a lot, its has nice wide frame and the image quality is also very natural, the video quality of the front facing camera is also nice you have to be careful with lighting or otherwise the contrast levels sometimes gets messed up.

The iPhone 7 plus has the apple A10 fusion chips with six core graphics and 3gb of ram, the new processor performs great, it easily handles heavy usage and gaming, multitasking is also very fluid, it easily handles tons of app running in the background simultaneously with just 2gb of ram. the iPhone 7 plus comes with the new iOS 10 which has great features like the new version of siri and improved 3d touch. if you are a moderate user it will work flawlessly for you.

The iPhone 7 plus have a 2900 mah battery, but don’t let that small size fool you it easily lasts a day even under heavy usage you can easily get it to work till night. another down side of this phone is that it doesn’t support fast charging, it takes around 2 hours to fully charge from 10% to 100%. but you can also use an ipad charger to make the charging speed a little bit faster.

Pros of Apple Iphone 7 Plus available at

  • Great performance.Very smooth and fast.Multitasking is easy.
  • Dual camera.You can also have a direct 2x zoom without any compromise of quality of the photo.
  • Music feels very good.Good Sound System.
  • Excellent battery life
  • Improved cameras
  • iOS 10, timely updates
  • Nice display
  • Waterproof
  • Touch ID is smooth
  • Fingerprint Scanner

Cons of Apple Iphone 7 Plus available at

  • Low light camera performance not best in class
  • No Turbo Chargin
  • No Headphone jack
  • Expensive
  • Delivery feedback is mixed. Some get it delivered fast while others complain about delay in delivery of Iphone 7 Plus by users have complained that Amazon does not return apple products even when defective. They tried to return the product but was refused)

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