SUDA New Mukhyamantri Gruh Yojna 2015 of 2257 LIG and EWS Flats at Surat:Last Date 31st December 2015 extended Upto 31st January 2016

Scheme Name: SUDA New  EWS-LIG Awas Yojna 2015

Start Date of Application: 28th October, 2015

End Date of Application: 31st December, 2015 extended Upto 31st January 2016

Total number of units under the scheme: 2257 residential flats

Mode of Registration: Offline

Applicant Category: Only EWS and LIG segment of the society. Applicant needs to be domicile of Surat.

Authority Schemes Viewpoint/Analysis/Review(Whether one should apply for this scheme or not!) of SUDA New Mukhyamantri Gruh Yojna 2015 :

The scheme is recommended to both EWS and LIG category.The flats are provided at a very cheap rate and the chances of getting it will be low through the lottery. Surat is going to be developed further in the coming years.

 Surat Urban Development Authority (SUDA) invites application for allotment of 2257 residential flats from economically weaker Section(EWS) and Low Income Group(LIG) of the society till 31st December 2015(extended Upto 31st January 2016). This scheme is launched under Mukhya Mantri Gruh Yojana.

Eligibility Terms & Conditions of SUDA New Mukhyamantri Gruh Yojna 2015 :

  • The applicant must be a citizen of India and above 18 years of age.
  • The applicant should be continuously inhabited since 1/11/2012 in Surat city.
  • The income limit of the applicant and his family members, all earning a gross annual income of Rs.1 lakh for the EWS and for the LIG income should be from Rs. 1 Lakh to 2.5 lakh.


Detail of EWS Flats under SUDA Mukhyamantri Gruh Yojna 2015

Location Plan Code Number of Units Construction area (sqm) Construction area (cophuta) Estimated cost
Mojeh rundha, Surat City (TP Scheme No. 29) (rundha) Fa. Plot no. 105/3 EWS-1 55 31.70 341.04 3 Lakh
Mojeh rundha, Surat City (TP scheme no. 3) (rundha) Fa. Plot no. 59 EWS-2 35 30.81 331.46 3 Lakh
Moje. Vesu (TP Scheme No. 29) (rundha-mangadalla-vesu) final plot no. 14/2 (Surat Dumas meinaroda), VR TP 18.00 meters in front of the mall Roads EWS-3 100 31.06 334.15 3 Lakh
Moje. Gothana (TP Scheme No. 46) (gothana-Bharthana-Kosad-variyava) of the final plot no. 324, Anjani industrial estate, department -4 EWS-4 175 30.21 325.01 3 Lakh
Mojeh Kumbhariya (Kumbhariya-saroli-saniya-hemada-devadha) (TP Scheme No. 35) phaplota no. 384 EWS-5 320 32.59 350.61 3 Lakh
Mojeh Pali, TP No. scheme.34 (Pali-Sachin-kanasada) Fa. Plot no. 192 EWS-6 192 32.96 354.60 3 Lakh
Total 877

Detail of LIG Houses under SUDA Mukhyamantri Gruh Yojna 2015

Location Plan Code Number of Unit Construction area (sqm) Construction area (cophuta) Estimated cost
Sachin sector No. 2’s plot.11 to 16 LIG-1-1 121 36.22 389.66 7.50 Lakh
Sachin Sector No. 2’s plot.17 to 26 LIG-1-2 165 36.22 389.66 7.50 Lakh
Sachin Sector-3 of the plot no. 18 to 22 LIG-1-3 101 36.63 394.08 7.50 Lakh
Maje. Devadha-Kumbhariya (TP Scheme No. 35) (Kumbhariya-saroli-saniya-hemada-devadha) Fa. Plot no. 482 LIG-1-4 50 37.69 405.48 7.50 Lakh
Mojeh gothana (TP Scheme No. 46) on the (gothana-Bharthana-Kosad-variyava) Fa. Plot no. 324 LIG-1-5 140 41.83 450.02 7.50 Lakh
Mojeh devadha-Kumbhariya (TP Scheme No. 35) (Kumbhariya-saroli-saniya-hemada-devadha) of the Fa. Plot no. 384 LIG-1-6 320 39.05 420.11 7.50 Lakh
Sector-3 of the plot No. satina. From 11/2 to 17 LIG-2-1 107 46.90 504.56 11 Lakh
Mojeh Kumbhariya (TP Scheme No. 35) (Kumbhariya-saroli-saniya-hemada-devadha) of the Fa. Plot no. 378 LIG-2-2 112 52.09 560.40 11 Lakh
Moje. Devadha-Kumbhariya (TP Scheme No. 35) (Kumbhariya-saroli-saniya-hemada-devadha) of the Fa. Plot no. Among 384 LIG-2-3 264 53.21 572.45 11 Lakh
Total 1380

List of Axis Bank Branches for Sale/Purchase of Application Form

S.No Axis Bank Branches
1 Horse racing road
2 Textile market
3 Adajan
4 Varachha
5 Magoba
6 Navagam
7 Katargam
8 Athavalainsa
9 Icchapora
10 Tatithaiya
11 Gate
12 Udhna
13 Pipaloda
14 Palanpur boards
15 Kapodra
16 Kharavasa
17 Nwanze
18 Abrama
19 Large Varachha
20 Vesu

Bank Contact Number: 097125-77027

SUDA Contact Number: 0261-2747349/50, 0261-2465007/8/9.

Scheme Details

Official Website of SUDA

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