Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority(YEIDA) New Scheme July 2016 of Flats/Commericial Plots

Yamuna Expressway Authority(YEIDA) has launched the new flat scheme for 359 left out flats in Sector 22D. Scheme opened on 1st June and the last date to apply is 30th June. The draw of lots for the scheme will be held in the month of September 2016. The code of the scheme is BHS – 07/2016. Out of the total 359 flats, 268 are affordable 1BHK flats with area of 29.76 square meters and 91 are S+4 1BHK flats with an area of 54.75 square meters. The cost of affordable 1BHK flats starts at Rs. 11.15 Lakh while the S+4 flats are available at Rs. 19.01 Lakh.

Scheme Opens : 01.06.2016 |  Scheme Closes : 30.07.2016

Type:Allotment of Housing Units(Flats),Allotment of Industrial Plots(up to 2000 sq.mtr.),Allotment of Commercial Footprint Plots,

Allotment of Industrial Plots(above 2000 sq.mtr), Allotment of Institutional Plots

Location: Yamuna Expressway

Authority Schemes Viewpoint/Analysis/Review(Whether one should apply for this scheme or not!) Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority(YEIDA) Scheme June 2016 Review :

The prices are high in this scheme and therefore one may look at this scheme from end use (living purpose) perspective only.

You are invited to share your valuable views,opinion,review,analysis and feedback on Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority(YEIDA) Scheme June 2016  by writing a comment below for healthy discussion. Views opposite to what is mentioned above are most welcome 🙂

For more details, please visit www.yamunaexpresswayauthority.com. The details will be uploaded on 06.06.2016





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