10 Important Things Every Tenant must know !

There are many things one should consider before the moving in as a tenant. Here are 10 important things which every Tenant must keep in mind before moving into a rented house/apartment:

  1. Thorough research of the locality and the rented House: The first task in the renting process is to understand the safety feature of the locality and its neighbouring areas. This can be done either by speaking up with locals and also through internet. Also, check what safety measures the prospective landlord is providing. It is advisable to get all information incorporated in your lease document.
  2. Be prepared with documents: Accumulate all required documents such as identification, proof of employment and income, etc. before meeting the landlord. Having all documents handy can help in closing the deal fast.
  3. Read your lease and get everything documented: A written document is a proof of what you and your landlord mutually agreed upon. A verbal agreement cannot be used as proof in future but a documented can.
  4. Protect your privacy: Check out your lease, understand how and when your landlord or maintenance staff may enter your rental. If your landlord starts entering your apartment without notice, you’ll know what your rights are.
  5. Make a good impression on landlords
  6. Know which repairs your landlord is responsible for and which fixes you need to pay for. Landlord is required to provide a habitable environment, which means that the rental must have adequate heat, water and electricity, and the structure must be safe. Landlords will also repair or replace items that are damaged through normal wear and tear (loose floor tiles that can trip residents, for example), but if you break a window, you will be required to pay for the repair.
  7. Keep the lines of communication open: Let landlord know your concerns. If you’re concerned about faulty wiring, let your landlord know so that it can be handled properly. In time, if you’re above-board and honest with your landlord, he or she may be more open to working with you in case you have trouble with paying your rent or if you have another problem down the road.
  8. Save Money on Rent by Moving at the Right Time.
  9. Know How to Deal with Noisy Neighbours: Unfortunately, you can’t choose your neighbours. If yours make too much noise, send them a subtle message or contact management if need be.
  10. Know when to fight an eviction notice and when you should move out

Written by Mr. Vikash Anand

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