How can you claim your refund of flat bought from Jaypee Infratech?

Steps to claim refund of your Jaypee Infratech flat:

  1. Visit the website:Download the forms from Jaypee Infratech Website(
  2. Type of Forms: There are four forms available: Form A,B , C and D. Homebuyers who wish to apply for the refund can fill either Form B or C. Form B can be filed only in electronic mode via email while other form can be filled and sent physically.
  3. Annexures to be attached: You need to attach the proof of payment made to Jaypee Infratech(Like Receipts, Allotment Letter, Builder Buyer Agreement, Bank Statements etc.) while submitting the form for refund of your Jaypee Flat
  4. Deadline: The deadline for submitting your application for refund is 24th August,2017 which may get extended. However, please ensure to file the application before 24th August to be safe.

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