Chandigarh Housing Board(CHB) New Housing Scheme 2018 via E Auction

Scheme Name:  Chandigarh Housing Board(CHB) New Housing Scheme 2018

No. of Flats:65

Location: Sec-49,38,51,39,41,45,Manimajra,63,47/c Chandigarh

CHB invites application for its  new housing scheme in which it is offering 65 residential plots on leasehold/freehold basis. The last date of participating in the e auction has been extended upto 06.02.2018 upto 3 PM(Click here for notification).

The flats are available at  Sec-49,38,51,39,41,45,Manimajra,63,47/c Chandigarh.

Click here for list of flats available under CHB new flat scheme 2018 through auction.

Authority Schemes Viewpoint/Analysis/Review(Whether one should apply for this scheme or not!) Chandigarh Housing Board New Housing Scheme 2018:

 The earlier scheme was launched by CHB in Sector 63 in 2008 under which more than 2,100 flats were constructed.

CHB has offered 200 two bedroom flats located at Sector-51, Chandigarh in 2016. Under the scheme 0f 2016, the area of  flat was 1,054 square feet and the cost was Rs 69 lakh.

In the new housing scheme of 2018, CHB is offering 65 plots of around 13-66 sq yds in range of Rs 28-94 Lacs. Also in the second list, certain plots of 14 to 75 sq yds ranging from 24lacs to 120 lacs are available.

There are not much takers for such plots in the current sluggish market conditions. The price is also quite high and therefore only persons looking for end use can think of applying in this scheme. The scheme has already been extended by CHB due to poor response.

CHB Official Website

 Various schemes of CHB are as follow:

SCH1703 48 Cat- II, Manimajra Chandigarh

SCH1704 96 Cat- I, Phase II, Manimajra Chandigarh

SCH1708 625 LIG (F), Sector 41-D, Chandigarh

SCH1721 120 MIG,Sector 45-C, Chandigarh

SCH1725 216 HIG,Sector 38-West Chandigarh

SCH1748 252 HIG (Ind),Sector 38 Chandigarh

SCH1762 84 MIG, Sector 40-D Chandigarh

SCH1764 96 MIG & HIG,Sector 41-D & 44-D Chandigarh

SCH1765 80 MIG,Sector 45-C Chandigarh

SCH1766 110 MIG (Ind),Sector 38 Chandigarh

SCH1781 144 EWS,Sector 52 Chandigarh

SCH1782 168 LIG INDRA Colony MM, Chandigarh

SCH1821 204 HIG-II, Sector 45A, Chandigarh

SCH1822 120 HIG, Sector 45D, Chandigarh

SCH1823 12 HIG-I, Sector 45A, Chandigarh

SCH1824 96 HIG, Sector 43-B Chandigarh

SCH1825 108 HIG, Sector 43B Chandigarh

SCH1826 64 MIG-II (Ind), Sector 40C Chandigarh

SCH1828 60 HIG, Sector 44-D Chandigarh

SCH1829 72 MIG, Sector 44D Chandigarh

SCH1830 60 HIG-II, Sector 44-D Chandigarh

SCH1831 150 LIG, Sector 38- West, Chandigarh

SCH1842 140 LIG, Sector 40A, Chandigarh

SCH1843 112 MIG, Sector 45D, Chandigarh

SCH1845 150 HIG-I, Sector 45A, Chandigarh

SCH1862 127 LIG, Sector 40A, Chandigarh

SCH1863 136 MIG, Sector 45C, Chandigarh

SCH1865 144 MIG(F), Sector 45D, Chandigarh

SCH1866 176 MIG-I, Sector 45C, Chandigarh

SCH1869 360 LIG, Sector 52, Chandigarh

SCH1881 360 LIG, Sector 38-WEST, Chandigarh

SCH1901 180 LIG, Sector 45D, Chandigarh

SCH1903 226 MIG, Sector 46, Chandigarh

SCH1922 144 EWS, Sector 47D, Chandigarh

SCH1923 168 MIG, Sector 46, Chandigarh


SCH1926 200 HIG, Sector 43-B, Chandigarh

SCH1942 336 HIG I, Sector 39-B, Chandigarh

SCH1944 240 EWS, Sector 40-C, Chandigarh

SCH1945 204 LIG, Sector 47-C, Chandigarh

SCH1962 324 CAT-II,Palsora, Sector 55, Chandigarh

SCH1963 384 CAT IV, Phase II MM,Chandigarh

SCH1982 288 LIG,Sector 41-A, Chandigarh

SCH2002 304 MIG, Sector 45-C, Chandigarh

SCH2003 252 LIG, Sector 47-C, Chandigarh

SCH2005 454 MIG-I, Sector 46-C, Chandigarh

SCH2022 480 LIG, Sector 40-D, Chandigarh

SCH2041 570 LIG, CAT- IV, Phase – I , Manimajara, Chandigarh

SCH2043 222 MIG III, Sector 39-B, Chandigarh

SCH2044 192 MIG(F), Sector 41-A, Chandigarh

SCH2061 268 MIG(D), Sector 40-B,47-D,Chandigarh

SCH2063 504 MIG, Sector 61,Chandigarh

SCH2082 360 EWS, Sector 40-C, Chandigarh

SCH2084 128 MIG, Sector 45-C, Chandigarh

SCH2086 144 EWS, Sector 47-D, Chandigarh(3257-3328)

SCH2101 600 CAT-HIG I Independent, Phase-III Manimajra

SCH2122 402-48 HIG II Sec 47-C & 38-A, Chandigarh

SCH2123 112 MIG, Sector 45D, Chandigarh(3359-3406)

SCH2124 312 CAT III, Phase-I,Manimajra, Chandigarh

SCH2141 424 EWS-LIG, Sector 44-C, Chandigarh

SCH2143 156 LIG, Sector 47-C, Chandigarh

SCH2161 832 MIG, Sector 44-D, Chandigarh

SCH2226 18 HIG, Sector 44-D, Chandigarh

SCH2281 616 CAT II, Sector 51-A, Chandigarh

SCH2303 132 HIG, Sector 43,44 & 46, Chandigarh

SCH2304 20 MIG, Sector 43-A, Chandigarh

SCH2306 13 CAT I & 51 CAT II, Sector 51-A, Chandigarh

SCH2321 96 Two Bed Room ,Sec -49(2005), Chandigarh

SCH2341 96 One Bed Rom, Sec -49(2005), Chandigarh

SCH2361 112 Two Bed Room , Sec-49(2006)(Subscheme-A), Chandigarh

SCH2381 494 EWS, Sector 40-A, Chandigarh

SCH2421 160 One Bed Room, Sec -49(2006)(Subscheme-A), Chandigarh

SCH2441 688 One Bed Room Flats(EWS), Sec-38(W) & 49, Chandigarh

SCH2461 160 One Bed Room, Sec -49(2006)(Subscheme-C), Chandigarh

SCH2481 144 CAT III,Phase II MM, Chandigarh

SCH2501 264 HIG-II, Sector45-A, Chandigarh

SCH2521 189 Board Employment Scheme Sector41,45 & Dhanas, Chandigarh

SCH2561 180 CAT-III , Palsora, Sector 55-C, Chandigarh

SCH2581 177 EWS Dhanas, Chandigarh

SCH2601 302 MIG(Independent),Sector 40-C, Chandigarh

SCH2621 745 DR Ambedkar Avas Yojana, Palsora, Chandigarh

SCH2641 360 EWS, Sector 40-B, Chandigarh

SCH2701 176 MIG-II, Sector 45C, Chandigarh

SCH2721 368 EWS Sec 45-C, Chandigarh

SCH2741 112 MIG Sec 40-A,40-C,41 & 47, Chandigarh

SCH2761 162 EWS Sector 29, Chandigarh

SCH2781 435 LIG Dhanas, Chandigarh

SCH2843 336 CAT-II Phase-I, Manimajra

SCH2861 362-342 LIG Ses 45-D, Chandigarh

SCH2862 62-57 MIG Sector 45-D, Chandigarh

SCH2882 336 CAT-I, Sector 51-A Chandigarh

SCH2901 570 MIG, Sector 38-West, Chandigarh

SCH2921 1056 OTR,Palsora, Chandigarh

SCH2941 222 EWS Village Dhanas, Chandigarh

SCH2961 240 ORT Industrial Ares Ph-1 Chandigarh

SCH2981 200 NOS EWS Houses DMC, Chandigarh

SCH3061 120 LIG Sec 40-C, Chandigarh

SCH3081 223 HIG-II, Sec 45-A, Chandigarh

SCH3101 960 LIG Sec 41-A, Chandigarh

SCH3121 300 NOS EWS Houses DMC

SCH3141 180 HIG(U) Sec-38W, Chandigarh

SCH3161 256 HIG UT Sector 44-A, Chandigarh

SCH3181 144 HIG, Sector 43-B, Chandigarh

SCH3201 344 EWS KP II Ram Darbar

SCH3221 384 HIG CAT-I PH-1 Manimajra

SCH3241 734-728 S&S AT KPII, Ramdarbar, Chandigarh

SCH3261 628 MIG(D), Sec-41-A, Chandigarh

SCH3301 Special Category(D.Q.) Houseing Scheme-2005

SCH3321 404 HIG, Sector 42 & 44, Chandigarh

SCH3341 1628 S & S DMC, Chandigarh

SCH3361 854 EWS Maloya, Chandigarh

SCH3381 169 NO Sec 19,40,41 & 47, Chandigarh

SCH3401 1046 S & S KP II Ram Darbar, Chandigarh

SCH3421 Chandigrah Small Flat Scheme 2006

SCH3441 112 Two Bed Room , Sec-49(2006)(Subscheme-c)

SCH3461 710 Site And Services INDIRA Colony Manimajra

SCH3481 108 LIG, Sector 29, Chandigrah

SCH3501 1424 EWS INDIRA Colony, MM, Chandigarh

SCH3521 2089 EWS, Maloya, Chandigarh

SCH3541 2348 S & S Palsora, Sector 55 & 56, Chandigarh

SCH3561 3187 ORT at Mauli Jagron , Chandigarh

SCH3562 564 One Bedroom Flats Sector 63, Chandigarh

SCH3563 888 Two Bedroom Flats Sector 63, Chandigarh

SCH3564 336 Three Bedroom Flats Sector 63, Chandigarh

SCH3565 320 EWS One Room Flats Sector 63, Chandigarh

SCH3566 160 EWS One Room Flats Sector 26, Chandigarh

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