YEIDA to soon launch commercial and industrial plot scheme 2018

The Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority (YEIDA) is planning to offer around 650 acres of land for commercial and industrial use in its new industrial plot scheme set to launch in January 2018. 

In the YEIDA new mixed land use plots and industrial plots scheme 2018, allotments will be made by the yamuna expressway authority based on presentations and financial and technical strengths of each company. Around 660 acres of land has been earmarked by YEIDA for this scheme and YEIDA will offer around 9 mixed land use plots located in Sector 24, 5 industrial plots in Sector 33 and 146 plots measuring 5 to 10 acres in Sector 32. Another 80 acres of land in Sector 29 and 120 acres in Sector 28 has been earmarked and the details of application will be notified shortly by YEIDA.
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