DDA new Commercial Property Scheme October 2018 for Reserved Category

DDA(Delhi Development Authority) has launched a new commercial property scheme 2018 in october for SC, ST, Freedom Fighters, Ex-Servicemen, Persons whose lands are acquired, Differently Abled categories of society. DDA is offering built up shops and stalls for these reserved category. Application for DDA new Commercial Property Scheme 2018 has been started from 01 October 2018 and last date of application is 22 october 2018. Draw results of DDA new Commercial Property Scheme will be held on 15 November 2018.

A total of 109 stall/shops are available under DDA new Commercial Property Scheme October 2018

How to Apply for DDA new Commercial Property Scheme?

Interested applicants can download the brochure of DDA new Commercial Property Scheme 2018 from the DDA Website. Applications can be submitted through online as well as offline mode.

Important Dates:

Scheme Launched: 1 October 2018

Application Starts: 22 october 2018

Lottery Draw: 15 November 2018

How to Apply: Applicants can download the brochure, affadavits and site layout on www.greaternoidaauthority.in.


डीडीए दुकानों / स्टालों योजना 2018 विवरणिका आरक्षित वर्ग के लिए
DDA SHOPS/STALLS 2018 Brochure for Reserved Category
1. दुकानों / स्टालों की सूची / List of Shops / Stalls
     a. अ.जा. के लिए/ for SC
     b. अ.ज.जा. के लिए / for ST
     cदिव्यांग के लिए / for Differently Abled
     d. भूतपुर्व सैनिको के लिए / for Ex-Servicemen
     e. स्वतंत्रता सेनानियों के लिए / for Freedom Fighter
     f. जिनकी भुमि अधिग्रहित की गई है के लिए / for Land Acquired
2. विवरणिका आरक्षित वर्ग अ.जा. / अ.ज.जा. के लिए / Brochure for SC/ST Reserved Category
3. विवरणिका आरक्षित वर्ग दिव्यांग के लिए / Brochure for Differently Abled Reserved Category
4. विवरणिका आरक्षित वर्ग भूतपुर्व सैनिको के लिए / Brochure for Ex-Servicemen Reserved Category
5. विवरणिका आरक्षित वर्ग स्वतंत्रता सेनानियों के लिए / Brochure for Freedom Fighter Reserved Category
6. विवरणिका आरक्षित वर्ग जिनकी भुमि अधिग्रहित की गई है के लिए / Brochure for Land Acquired Reserved Category
7. सूचीबद्ध बैंक की शाखाओं की सूची / List of branches of empaneled bank
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