Review of DDA Online Housing Scheme 2019 Launched on 18th January 2019

DDA(Delhi Development Authority) has launched its new housing scheme 2019 on 18th January 2018 3PM onwards for all categories of society on first come first serve basis. DDA is offering built up flats which are left out/surrendered in the DDA Housing Scheme 2017. Application for DDA new Online Housing Scheme 2019 has been started from 18th January 2019 and last date of application has not been announced.

How to Apply for DDA Online Housing Scheme 2019 Launched on 18th January 2019?

  • Applicants can apply online. For applying online, the applicant is required to visit DDA’s website i.e.,
  • Applicant applying for flats under this Scheme shall have to deposit application money as detailed below:-
    JANTA : 10,000/-
    ONE BED ROOM FLAT : 15,000/-
  • The desirous applicants will apply online and will opt for specific flat on first-cum-first-serve basis
  • One selecting for a specific flat online, he/she will be given reasonable time say 30 minutes to deposit application money online. Till this period of 30 minutes, the flat will not be available for selection by others.
  • Once application money is paid, the flat will be kept reserved for that applicant.
  • Demand-cum-Allotment letter will be generated online and sent to the desirous applicant to deposit the requisite amount and documents for issue of possession letter.
  • The cost of the flat is to be deposited within 90 days from the date of issue of Demand-cum-Allotment letter. Demand-cum- Allotment letter will be issued online. No hard copy is required to be sent.The application money will be forfeited if the demanded amount is not paid by the allottee within 3 months and flat will be made available for allotment to others.

Details of Flats offered under DDA Online Housing Scheme 2019

Scheme Name : DDA Online Running Scheme for disposal of old inventory of flats of Aawasiya Yojana-2017 on First Come First Serve basis

No. of flats:1275 flats approx.

Start Date: 18.01.2019

DDA Online Housing Scheme 2019 Launched on 18th January 2019-Circular

DDA Online Housing Scheme 2019 Launched on 18th January 2019-Brochure

Authority Schemes Viewpoint/Analysis/Review(Whether one should apply for this scheme or not!)DDA Online Housing Scheme 2019(Leftover flats of DDA Housing Scheme 2017) of 1275 Flats :

In DDA Housing Scheme 2017 DDA had extended the last date from 11 August 2017 to 11 September 2017 due to poor response from the general public. Most of the flats of DDA housing scheme 2017 were left out flats/surrendered flats from its housing scheme of 2014.Out of the 12000 flats that were offered under DDA Awasiya Yojana 2017(DDA Housing Scheme 2017), around 10000 unoccupied flats are from the  DDA housing scheme 2014, while around 2000 flats had been lying vacant.

In DDA housing scheme 2014, applicants were forced to undergo 5-year lock-in period before they could sell the flats allotted to them. DDA has done away with the requirement in new DDA housing scheme 2017. The flats alloted under DDA housing scheme 2017 were freehold instead of leasehold flats offered in the DDA housing scheme 2014.

Since most of the flats have been returned by earlier allottees because of their small size and lack of infrastructure, those who wish to apply for this housing scheme of DDA must visit the site before applying for the flat so that later on they should not go for cancellation/surrender which happened with the applicants of DDA housing scheme 2014 and 2017. It is not recommended to apply for these poorly constructed flats anyway!

Scheme Advertisement for DDA Awasiya Yojana 2019(DDA Housing Scheme 2019)

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