MDDA Commercial Plot Scheme Auction 2019 at Transport Nagar, Dehradun:Last Date 6 September 2019

MUSSOORIE DEHRADUN DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY (MDDA) invites application through sealed bids for auction of commercial plots in Phase 1 of Dhaba(Hotel) Sites, Kiosk and Workshop Sites in its new commercial scheme 2019 at Transport Nagar, Saharanpur Road,Dehradun. The cost of Dhaba(Hotel) Site in this new government commercial scheme 2019 is 70 Lakhs, Workshop Site is 50-70 Lakhs and Kiosk is 8.5 Lakhs.

Tender Form is available wef. 26.8.2019 from MUSSOORIE DEHRADUN DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY office between 10:30 AM to 1PM by paying cost of Rs. 590 including GST. Sealed Bids for MDDA Commercial Plot Tender Scheme 2019 at Transport Nagar, Dehradun can be submitted on 6.9.2019 from 10.30AM to 5.00PM at MUSSOORIE DEHRADUN DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY Office, Dehradun. Sealed Bids will be opened on 7.9.2019 at 11AM. Auction will be held after opening the highest bid. Only those applicant will be eligible whose business is associated with Transport Nagar Dehradun. The detailed terms and condition are mentioned in the application form for MDDA Commercial Plot Tender Scheme 2019 at Transport Nagar, Dehradun.

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